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Teen Summer Reading Challenge

Welcome to the 2020 Teen Summer Reading Challenge!  Please allow this web-page to act as your guide through this almost completely virtual program.  This year’s theme is Imagine Your Story.  Read your way through the summer months as you begin to imagine and write your own story.  To explore this theme, we will use weekly writing prompts, activities and programs.  Complete reading and activities to earn badges and raffle tickets for our End-of-Summer Prize Baskets drawing.  Weekly topics will be pulled from Christopher Vogler’s book The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers.  This non-fiction book describes common archetypes and story plot elements that are contained in most celebrated modern and mythological stories.  (It is available for purchase online for anyone who wishes to learn more.)

For this Summer Reading Challenge, you will be using our new Beanstack* app to track participation.  Only fifteen (15) hours of reading are required to earn your Completion Badge.  HOWEVER, additional reading, journaling and completing activities or virtual programs will earn EXTRA Badges and Raffle Tickets.  All of the 3-Dimensional Activities associated with this Summer’s Challenge require materials that can probably be found in your home.  A list of these materials is located below.  If you do not have access to these materials already, the Library will supply you with a To-Go Activity Box, which contains all of the one-time use supplies needed.  Please contact Program Leader Janeene Foster (Email: Janeene.Foster@wlnonline.org) to arrange for pick-up or drop-off of your To-Go Activity Box.  Raffle Tickets can be redeemed for chances to win one of our four Prize Baskets.

As this is our first year, questions, concerns and constructive feedback are welcome.  If you need help or do not understand something, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Library Staff.

Links to the other Summer Reading Challenges:

Week 0: Get Ready to Go

□ Don’t have a Library Card?  Sign up for a Library eCard.

□ Register for our Beanstack* Summer Reading Challenge to win great prizes.

□ What are those great End-of-Summer Prize Baskets, you ask?  Cozy Reads Gift Tote, Zeitgeist Gift Basket and Heroines and Romance Gift Basket. The drawing will occur on August 15, 2020. Winners of baskets must be able to pick up their basket before September.  If the Library is not open for curbside or in-person transactions at that time, other arrangements will made.

□ Ready to start reading?  Browse the Overdrive or Libby apps.

□ Gather everything you need.  Review our 3-Dimensional Activity Materials List.  (Don’t have what you need?  Contact Program Leader Janeene Foster for a To-Go Activity Box.)

□ Can’t wait to get started?  We’ve got a thematic Word Search for you.

Week 1 June 7 – June 13: Act 1: Ordinary World

□ Program Content Password: [Bibliophile]

□ Journal Prompt: Your life is your story: write well, edit often.

You are the hero of your own story, your life.  Reflect on your story: write down details of your life today.

TIP: Use the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When and Why) plus How to make sure that you include all the important details.

□ Craft/Activity: Create a Journal

Some other information you may need to make a journal:

How to Make a Paint Brush

How to Make Decoupage Sealant

□ Program/Game: Short Story Competition

□ Connect: Share Your Current Read

□ Read: Log your reading hours into Beanstack*.  (TIP: Reading an average of 30 minutes every day will allow you to earn the maximum number of Raffle Tickets.)


Week 2 June 14 – June 20: Call to Adventure

□ Program Content Password: [SardisRoad]

□ Journal Prompt: What are the heralds of change in your life?  Where are they pushing you to go today?

□ Craft/Activity: Bookspine Bookmark

Some other information you may need to make a Bookspine Bookmark:

How to Make a Paint Brush

How to Make Decoupage Sealant

□ Program/Game: Mythical Road Trip: Dragon Adventure

□ Read: Log your reading hours into Beanstack*.


Week 3 June 21 – June 27: Refusal of the Call

□ Program Content Password:[Card_Catalog]

□ Journal Prompt: Humans by nature often seek consistency and routines.  What is one area of your life today that you resist change?  What are some of the possible outcomes if you did not resist that call?

□ Craft/Activity: Origami Flower Pot

□ Program/Game: Tall Tale MadLib

□ Read: Log your reading hours into Beanstack*.


Week 4 June 28 – July 4: Meeting with the Mentor

□ Program Content Password: [TitlePage_Verso]

□ Journal Prompt: Write a short story involving this scene.  Answer the 5 W’s of Questions.

□ Craft/Activity: Book Notecard & Envelope

□ Program/Game: Writing to Your Mentor  (See ‘Go One Step Further’ of the Book Notecard & Envelope.)

□ Connect: Share Your Current Read

□ Read: Log your reading hours into Beanstack*.


Week 5 July 5 – July 11: Crossing the First Threshold

□ Program Content Password: [Dictionary#1]

□ Journal Prompt: English is a great language.  ‘Take Out’ can mean food, dating and murder.  Write a short story that involves all three!

□ Craft/Activity: Blackout Poetry

□ Read: Log your reading hours into Beanstack*.


Week 6 July 12 – July 18: Act 2: Tests, Allies, Enemies

□ Program Content Password: [Friends4ever]

□ Journal Prompt: Sometimes you have to make peace with the fact that you are the villain in someone else’s story, even if you thought you were going the right thing.  You don’t get to tell them how to narrate their experience.Where are you the villain in another’s story?  Why?

□ Craft/Activity: Friendship Bracelet

□ Program/Game: Creature Scavenger Hunt

□ Color-Me-Calm: Warrior-Princess & Monster

□ Read: Log your reading hours into Beanstack*.


Week 7 July 19 – July 25: Approach the Inmost Cave and Ordeal

□ Program Content Password: [Powerful_Thesaurus]

□ Journal Prompt: What is the most emotionally challenging event or test that you have had in your life?  Why?  How did you overcome it, if you did?

□ Craft/Activity: Book Bunting (Banner)

□ Program/Game: Cooking with the Cuccaros Episode 3*

Recipe: Masquared Hor d’Oeuvres

□ Connect: Share Your Current Read

□ Read: Log your reading hours into Beanstack*.


Week 8 July 26 – August 1: Reward

□ Program Content Password: [Fame+Wealth+Glory]

□ Journal Prompt: Oftentimes, love is written as a reward in many cultures’ stories.  Why do you think this is?  What is the reward in your life’s story?

□ Craft/Activity: Heart Ornament

□ Program/Game: Flee the Castle (Escape Room)

□ Color-Me-Calm: Soldier-King & Castle

□ Read: Log your reading hours into Beanstack*.


Week 9 August 2 – August 8: The Road Back

□ Program Content Password: [IAmTheHero]

□ Journal Prompt: Do not regret growing older.  It is a privilege denied to many.  What is one thing you don’t regret?  What is one thing that you do?  What is your advice to a person ten years younger than you?

□ Program/Game: Oral History Interview

Tobias the Ragman Storytelling and Illustrating Program

□ Color-Me-Calm: Mandala 1, Mandala 2 & Mandala 3

□ Read: Log your reading hours into Beanstack*.



Week 10 August 9 – August 15: Act 3: Resurrection and Return with the Elixir

□ Program Content Password:[BestBookEver]

□ Journal Prompt: Finish this story: With the way that the stars and lights were reflected in the water, I could almost love living there forever.  Almost…

□ Read: Log your reading hours into Beanstack*.


Week 11 August 16 – August 22: Feedback and Follow-up

Google Forms Survey




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