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Library Board of Directors

The Library Board of Directors represents the public’s interest in achieving good library service. An effective Board should be comprised of a cross section of the community and work in a spirit of friendship, enjoyment, and cooperative effort. A Library Trustee is a non-paid appointee of the Municipal Council for a three-year term as described by “The Library Code,” Act of June 14, 1961 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

MCL Board Director Position Description

Meetings of the Board of Trustees are held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Library and are open to the public.

2024 Board of Directors:

Celine Kandala, President (term expiring 12/31/2025)

Theresa Wubben, Vice President (term expiring 12/31/2026)

Joy Richardson, Secretary (term expiring 12/31/2025)

Susan Long, Treasurer (term expiring 12/31/2026)

Jill Cooper (term expiring 12/31/2024)

Paige Perry (term expiring 12/31/2024)

Nickolas Subich (term expiring 12/31/2026)


Council Liaison: Jason Lemak