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Request an Interlibrary Loan

What is an Interlibrary Loan Request?

Murrysville Community Library provides an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service so that patrons can obtain items that are not available in the Westmoreland Library Network collection. The ILL staff can borrow items from libraries around the Commonwealth and across the country.

Who can make an ILL request?

You must have an active Library Card and less than $5.00 in outstanding fees on your Patron Account in order to make an ILL request.

Is it free to make an ILL request?

Most of the time, the ILL service is free to the patron.  The ILL staff works very hard to obtain materials from libraries that do not charge a lending fee. In some cases, however, the ILL staff may only be able to find the material you are requesting at a library that charges a lending fee. When placing your request, you have the opportunity to choose whether or not you agree to pay a fee in order to obtain the material. If you choose “yes” and the material is sent by a library that charges, you are required to pay the fee whether you pick up the material or not.

What types of materials can be requested through ILL?

You can make requests for books, large print materials, audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs, and specific magazine or newspaper articles. Keep in mind that it is often difficult to obtain certain reference books or other rare items. The ILL staff cannot request materials that the library already owns in its collection, materials that have been published within the last six months, or entire newspaper or magazine issues. If you would like to suggest that the Library purchase an item for its collection, please fill out a Purchase Suggestion Form at the Circulation Desk.

What information is required to make an ILL request?

When making an ILL request, you must give your name, phone number, and Library Card number. The ILL staff also requires as much information about the item as you have, for example, the title, the author or artist (if applicable), the type of material you are requesting, and whether or not you are willing to pay any charges that the lending library may require in order to send the material.

Will the ILL staff be able to obtain everything I request?

Requesting material through ILL does not guarantee that the Library will be able to obtain it for you. If your ILL request cannot be filled, you will be notified.

How long will it take for my request to come in?

You should allow at least two to four weeks for your ILL requests to come in. If you are requesting more than one book or item, keep in mind that they may not arrive from the same library or at the same time. ILL requests placed by Murrysville Community Library staff must be picked up from and returned to the Murrysville Community Library.

When will my ILL material be due?

The lending library determines how long you may keep the material. Usually you will be able to keep it between three to four weeks. The lending library reserves the right to recall the material at any time or to require that it be used in the library only. You will be notified when the material has arrived, and you should plan to pick it up promptly so you have as much time with it as possible. All ILL materials must be returned to the Murrysville Community Library. If the ILL material is lost or damaged, you will be charged a fee determined by the lending library.

Can I renew my ILL material?

Contact the Murrysville Community Library at least three days prior to the due date in order to request a renewal. Only the lending library has the ability to grant a renewal. If the renewal request is denied, the material must be returned. No overdue fines will be charged while the renewal request is pending. Once the lending library has made its decision, you will be notified.

How can I make an ILL request?

To make an ILL Request, fill out an ILL Request Form at the Circulation Desk or send an email to ill@murrysvillelibrary.org.