Music To Read Books To

Do you like to have something going in the background while you’re reading to distract the half of your brain that gets fidgety when you sit for too long? How about drowning out the sound of your environment so that you can focus more on the book? Maybe you just like to listen to music so that it feels like the story you are reading has a soundtrack.

The Murrysville Library Teen Advisory Board has put together a list of songs they like to jam to while reading!

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But listening to music while you read isn’t for everyone. Here’s what one member of the Teen Advisory Board had to say about listening to music while you read:

“When I choose to listen to music, it’s less likely that my music is something simple, calming, or like background noise. My music is often loud and strong, and I like to immerse myself in that music. If I play that type of music while reading, I’ll get distracted immediately. So although I really do love music, I prefer to read books in quiet.”