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Teen Advisory Board

What is the Teen Advisory Board?

A Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a group of people ages 12-18 who help the library run teen-centered programs, recommend young adult books/movies for the library to buy, promote the library to their friends, and generally help the library better serve teens.

What are some things that the Teen Advisory Board might do?

  • Publish a book blog or newsletter
  • Host movie nights at the library
  • Run a book club
  • Anything the TAB thinks would be a good idea – this is your group!

How can you be involved in the Teen Advisory Board?

Come to the TAB’s first meeting on TUESDAY OCTOBER 19th, 2021 at 6:00pm to brainstorm projects and get to know one another. The TAB will meet once a month during the school year and twice a month during the summer.

You can be a regular member or an officer in the TAB. An officer is a member with some additional responsibilities.

Officer roles:

  • President (lead meetings, carry out plans)
  • Vice-President (lead meetings, carry out plans)
  • Secretary (record meeting minutes, make progress reports on activities)
  • Social Media Coordinator (manage social media presence)
  • Energizer (choose icebreakers, keep meetings fun and positive)

The library appreciates your help and looks forward to working with you! All forms needed to join the Teen Advisory Board can be found in the Resources section below.


Sign Up Form

Membership Permission Form

Photograph/Video Recording Permission Form

Emergency Contact Form