What the Library Means to Me by Deauna Hicks

I have been going to the library for as long as I can remember. It is a very special place to my family and I. Going to the library was never a chore for me. When I was younger I remember walking through the doors and finding the perfect book for me to read. Flipping through the pages in the Children’s section I would always learn something new. During the summers, I would do the reading challenges. It was a fun way to encourage kids to read. I also would do the activities that the library had that kept me on my toes and exited for what was to come.

As I have grown older I still enjoy going. I like to look at the new books and even the old ones. Joining The Teen Advisory Board has taught so many life lessons and values. It has taught me to work with others, think of new ideas, find books that I enjoy for others to read and so much more. It is a very fun way to keep active in the community. When I am older I hope to bring my children there too, so they can enjoy the fun I had as a kid.