What The Library Means To Me by Diya Shrishrimal

The Murrysville Community Library is a focal point in the greater Murrysville community, but also in my life. When I first moved to Murrysville, I sought community spaces in hopes of creating new relations and connections that I greatly lacked. From my first visit when I was 10 to my most recent visit, two days ago, I realized this space not only consists of multiple benefits and aspects for me, but for many of the inhabitants of Murrysville. Personally speaking, the library benefits and serves significant purposes for different aspects and opportunities. For me, these fall under two main categories, work and social related activities. 

A library is a known oasis from the hustle and chaos that most endure throughout their day to day lives. Libraries are known for this, but for me there is so much more my oasis offers when I look beneath the surface. I’m not only able to be in a setting where I am positive I will be able to work in peace, but also have a space to reflect. The atmosphere, teeming with knowledge and tranquility, is the perfect place for me to complete my homework, write essays, journal, and obviously read a new Colleen Hoover book. This space not only allows me to generate my best work, but it also boasts a vast variety of resources beneficial to not only high school students like me, but anyone of any age. There are countless resources available to anyone inquiring or in need of them, but five of them stand out. 

For me, the access to printers not only is a savior for school projects, but also essential when the one color you need somehow always seems to be out of ink at your school and personal printer. Secondly, the available, and always helpful staff can aid in finding references for many different assignments and inquiries. The library staff’s assistance does not end there, as for many students, making resumes is extremely important, but difficult. However, this can be combated, with the available support of the staff. Now, to touch on one of the two most important resources, the endless amount of books and movies. Each book, transporting me to a new world, brims with new possibilities. The library’s surplus amount of these novels is not only remarkable, but indispensable. The notable selection of movies is also incredibly critical for certain assignments, but also for movie nights. These five resources mean a lot to me, but there is still so much the library offers that can be overlooked.

For teens like me, there are many social opportunities that the library welcomes us with. One of my friends told me about the volunteering she does at the library during the summer, and after hearing about the fun experiences she had, I was quick to apply myself. I do not regret any of it, and instead I wish I applied sooner. Once every other week, for one and a half hours I shelve books and help out around the library. This experience is something that not only is peaceful, but empowering. Knowing where each book goes and placing it there is vastly fulfilling. Lastly, but personally the most important, the Teen Advisory Board is the perfect chance for teens like me to contribute and express our wants and opinions for the library. I recently joined and each monthly meeting has given me insight and a chance to convey opinions on what the library could further offer. TAB has connected me with other individuals who also share many of the same interests and love for the library and its offerings. The Murrysville Community Library means so much more to me than a place to receive books, it is also a place where I can reflect, connect, and project.