YA Book Recommendations

Start this summer with some contemporary young adult fiction, and be sure to log your reading in Murrysville Community Library’s summer reading challenge.

Amari and the Night Brothers
B.B. Alston

A girl mourning the loss of her brother receives an invite to join the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs and realizes that there’s more to the story than she thought. 

Jordan Ifueko

Tarisai battles her mother’s diabolical wishes while joining a council to lead the country. She finds friends, family, and compelling romances as well as big family secrets. 

Fuzzy Mud
Louis Sachar

Tamaya and Marshall, seventh grade best friends, are tormented by Chad Hilligas. He threatens to fight them, so they avoid him by cutting through the off-limits woods. But they come across some strange mud that looks fuzzy and causes rashes. Tamaya makes it home and thinks she’s free from the mud until the problem begins to grow. 

The Girls I’ve Been
Tess Sharpe

When Nora, the daughter of a con-artist, gets caught in a bank robbery with her girlfriend and ex-boyfriend, she must use the skills she learned from her mother to keep herself and her friends alive. 

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